Monday, 25 August 2014

Eyes Wide Shut Part II- The Slippery Slope

Suddenly, we were teleported to a room. I looked around letting my expectations of this room vanish as disappointment washed over me. Everything about this place felt haunted; The floorboards creaked with each step, the bed sheet had rips everywhere and the windows moved on its own accord. We sat down on the bed and I felt the soft edge of cobwebs touch my bare skin. My mind was flooding with negative thoughts when suddenly I was interrupted by a voice. 

“So guys, since we’re in this together, might as well get to know each other. I’m Amy!” she said, trying to lighten up the dull aura leaking across the room.

After a while of talking to each other, we realised that we actually got along.  My group consisted of Amy- an outgoing, attractive girl with long brunette hair and hazel eyes, Jack- an annoyingly optimistic guy with blond hair and blue eyes, Zac- an arrogant boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes and finally Lilly- a shy, quiet girl with chocolate brown skin and dark brown hair.

I opened my hologram to see it was only fifteen minutes until it was game time.

“We need a plan.” I said in a serious tone.

“Chill, Annabelle. Just follow my lead and we’ll be fine.” said Zac with a smirk.

I glared at him and was about to say something rude about his laidback attitude when Lilly hesitantly interrupted as if sensing the outburst that was about to take place.

“Zac, Annabelle’s right. We do need a plan…”

In the end, we discussed a formation where the average skier, Zac, would take lead, then the not so capable skiers (Lilly and Amy) in the middle and then Jack and I at the back so we could catch them if needed. Not bragging or anything but skiing was my forte.

 Finally the alarm bell rang and we put our ski gear on and teleported to the highest point of the mountains.

A gust of wind and snow hit me as shivers zoomed through my body simultaneously. The view was beautiful. The top of the mountain gave us a breath-taking image of the sun shining down the other mountains. The horn then sounded telling us the first game had begun.  

After 30 minutes since the game had started, we had to restart about 7 times due to someone (usually Lilly) falling. At that point, I felt frustrated and annoyed. How can someone even be that bad at skiing? One fault of mine was that I was very short-tempered and impatient. I wanted to shout at her. My toes and fingers had gone numb due to the harsh weather and we weren’t progressing at all.

“I’m sorry guys. I’m letting everyone down…”Lilly said, her eyes brimming with tears.

My anger quickly subsided as I realised everyone was probably irritated yet kept trying their best. Anyways, how could I stay mad at such a sweet girl?

“Don’t worry! We’re all in this together. We’ll overcome this, Lilly.” Jack said, smiling.
 So we kept trying then failing until it became a regular cycle. The jumps were just too hard for Lilly and Amy and the route was very bumpy. I ended up falling over   trying to keep the others from falling. The plan just wasn’t working.

“I can’t do this! I’m actually going to die if I carry on!” Amy exclaimed as we got teleported back to start which we had seen for what felt like the 100th time.

“I-I’m t-too tired.” Lilly panted before sitting on the snow and clutching her head.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Zac asked her, his usual smirk wiped with a flash of concern.

Before Lilly could reply, her body immediately shattered into crystals which floated in the air before vanishing.

“LILLY!” we all shouted instantaneously.

What just happened?! Did she get shut down because she was too exhausted? But I thought that if you get shut down you just sleep in the position and place you are. That’s what happened to me, right?
Thoughts and questions were exploding into my head too quick for me to even finish my questions let alone think of reasonable answers. As if sensing the confusion and worry in the air, a voice boomed out of the speakers.

“Everyone calm down. I know many of you have witnessed your team mate vanish and right now the producers of this game are going to fix the glitch that has occurred in the system. I would like to assure all of you that this will definitely be altered and your team mate will come back into game fit and healthy. Right now, they are in a coma state in the hospital in this virtual reality world having the best treatment until the system gets adjusted. I would like you all to remember that you are all testers to this game which means errors can happen and we want all of them to be fixed before this can be sold out in the real world. Thank you, and keep working to finish the challenge you are on then proceed to complete the game. Best of luck.”

Okay, so my friend’s in a coma and there asking us to continue the game and calm down? I thought to myself. Well, that’s messed up.

Amy let out a sigh. “I guess worrying isn’t going to change anything and I honestly really want to finish this challenge before I can’t feel any more of my body. Then we can also go visit Lilly in the hospital sooner.”

“Yeah same.” I said, “Wait I have an idea! Why don’t you leave your skis, ski boots and pole at the top of the mountain.”

“Umm are you feeling okay? How am I supposed to ski then?” Amy asked, looking confused.

“Jack or Zac can carry you on his back and ski down. I think Jack’s the better skier, no offence Zac, you wouldn’t mind right Jack?” I said.

Before Jack could reply, Amy exclaimed, “No! No way! I’m too heavy and if Jack falls and I fall on him, he could break something.”

“Nah, don’t worry you're light and we’ll never know until we try.” Jack said.

After trying to persuade Amy and pestering her, she finally gave in.

“Fine, but don’t blame me if you guys get hurt.”

And that’s how we managed the clear the first challenge-by taking a risk. I could lie and say it was a breeze and my idea was successfully carried out but that would be lying. It took us many tries to finish the path as it felt harder the further you went and even on our last try, there were many near falls but we persevered and accomplished.

“Thank God that’s over!” Zac said.

“I thought all we had to do was follow your lead, Zac. Why are you relieved?” I said playfully.

“Well I didn’t want the rest of the team to feel too tired because they couldn’t keep up at my pace, you see. I wouldn’t want to show off.” He replied.

I shook my head and smiled.

“Well your pace is quite slow considering it took us 3 hours to make it to the finish line!” Amy said. “Now I’m hungry so let’s go eat and then visit Lilly.”

We all agreed and that’s how the rest of the day went.

I decided to take on the next challenge in a couple of days when I’ve fully rested and give it my all.



  1. Ah my little girl what a beautiful story. I was anxious to read this since morning but time has not permitted me. Lovely imagination at such a tender age. Keep it up my dear. May the Lord shower upon you his blessings. Follow your father's footsteps, he is a brilliant man.

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